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It’s estimated that there are fewer Arabian Leopards in the wild than there are spots on its back

The IUCN categorises them as critically endangered on its Red List.

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) is on a conservation quest to bring this incredible big cat back from its critically endangered status, entering an historic partnership with Panthera in 2019 to commit to leopard conservation in AlUla and beyond, supporting their work across the world.

The Arabian Leopards Initiatives aim to recover the sub-species through research, a state-of-the-art captive-breeding centre, community-based conservation projects, and restoring habitats within nature reserves.

This activation has also been developed in collaboration with Catmosphere and the Arabian Leopard Fund.

Hope for the future

RCU’s leopard-conservation measures include a captive-breeding programme at Taif, KSA.

Their Breeding Centre has led the efforts in increasing Arabian Leopard numbers before they are one day released back into the wild. It has welcomed seven new cubs in 2023.