The Arabian Leopard is critically endangered

Habitat loss and degradation, alongside direct persecution, have left fewer Arabian Leopards in the wild than there are spots on its back.

The Royal Commission for AlUla is on a conservation quest to bring this incredible big cat back from the brink.


Join us on an epic quest to conserve and protect the Arabian Leopard.

Find the leopards roaming in Roblox and Decentraland before they disappear forever.

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A world-first for decentralised conservation

Created by the Royal Commission for AlUla, the Arabian Leopard Programme is embarking on a comprehensive regeneration initiative to safeguard the future of the ‘Critically Endangered’ Arabian leopard. This important work is helping to prepare for the reintroduction of the species.

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The Royal Commission for AlUla has collaborated with Panthera, Catmoshpere and the Arabian Leopard Fund on Quest for Hope.